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Four is for Whores.

10 random things about me:
10. i absolutely love my friends and being with them
09. i can't live without my cell phone
08. i'm soooo obsessive compulsive but i procrastinate way too much
07. i wear flip flops everyday even if its freezing
06. i'm horrible with names.
05. sparkly things distract me greatly. as well as bright pink things.
04. i love my car and nothing makes me more happy than road trips with friends
03. i'm very clumsy
02. i have dependency issues; i can't stand going anywhere alone
01. new situations cause me to panic easily

9 places ive visited:
08. minneapolis
07. amsterdam *airport haha
06. washington dc
05. tennessee
04. florida
03. st louis
02. north carolina
01. south carolina

8 things i want to do before i die:
08. spend a winter up north so i can play in the snow for 5 months and maybe get my fill of it
07. go back to italy and stay in florence
06. go to ireland
05. get married; have kids; live in a big house. BE HAPPY.
04. go scuba diving in hawaii
03. go skiing and snowboarding
02. take a road trip w/friends to California
01. find the end of a rainbow

7 ways to win my heart:
07. don't ever lie to me, and be the same around me as you are when you're around your friends.
06. Play/dance/kiss/walk in the rain with me.
05. be sweet, thoughtful, and gentle-man like Always.
04. be romantic. even if it makes you look retarded, do it to make me smile.
03. don't make me drop my friends. love them- they make me who i am.
02. cuddle up with me for hours.
01. when i'm sad, sit with me. even if i don't say anything. just hold me as i cry.

6 things i believe in:
06. music can heal anything.
05. God loves me and isn't intentionally makin my life a living hell.
04. love won't happen if you go looking for it
03. santa claus :D
02. my friends and family.
01. you have to grow up sometime.

5 things im afraid of:
05. growing up.
04. spiders
03. drowning. it terrifies me.
02. nothingness
01. dying alone.

4 of my favorite items in my bedroom:
04. cd player.
03. laptop.
02. my walls *covered in pictures and posters
01. my bed!

3 things i do everyday:
03. sing/play/listen to music
02. sleeeeeeeep.
03. check myspace of courseeee.

2 things i am trying not to do right now:
02. think about someone.
01. freeze to death.

1 person i want to see right now:
1. santa. with all of my presents.
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