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-so you stole my world.

i would just like to say that i smoke like a mad french Whore now. and please spare me with the "SMOKING IS BAD. YOU'RE KILLING YOURSELF!" this i know. believe me i know. but it's the only thing that keeps me fucking sane. i'm so stressed out right now. school. boy. life. all = MAJOR STRESS. oh yeah i finally updated my myspace account after having it forever and never doing anything with it. if you got it add me. i have like a whopping 10 friends right now lol. http://www.myspace.com/beautiful_imperfecti0ns yeah that's me. look me up.

i miss him so. he doesn't know it. but i miss him so. i guess makeout buddies are better than nothing..
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I added you. I'm Pyromancer. Or it probably show up as Orchid.
thanks for the add! <3
I miss my him too... but only sometimes now. We aren't makeout buddies anymore... Just friends. It's kind of weird because all in all it's a new thing. We've always been something more then friends.. Oh well.

Smoking.. Yeah it's not good for you, but if it does help with the stress then do it. I do it, but not as much as I used too.

Take Care.
boys suck don't they?? i figured that i would have learned how to play the game better by now or somethin. lol. but no i end up right where i always am. and i'm sorry to hear about your troubles as well. hey friends is better than nothin sometimes.

smoking = bad for you. i should quit. but once again its the only thing that keeps me sane.

ashley <3