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-desperately close to a coffin of hope i'd cheat destiny just to be near you..

so. interesting weekend.
friday- went out to sarah's. got completely snockered. rode golfcarts, played truth or dare and hide and seek. twas really fun. we all had fun. jessica left to go home at about 5:30 am. i took my last shot at 7 am. we had to take christina to her car at like 7:20 b/c she had to go to work. she went to work drunk and high. i find that really really really funny. thats what she gets. drugs are bad fer yew. that's why i only drink and smoke like a mad french whore. :D anyhoo.
saturday- was supposed to be home at like 1. went to sleep at 8am and woke up at 3. mommy lisa was thoroughly pissed. oh well. decided to stay home and not go out this evening. but beth called from tarrytown. they were watchin a movie at the "flea market" and this boy named logan wanted to meet me. sooooo yeah i went. i liked him. a lot. enough to forget about ****. my makeout buddy who i secretly love lol. we watched like 7 minutes of the movie and then went to huddle house. this is the only recent time i can remember goin to huddle house sober and before 2 am. random.
sunday- tired as fuck. drove back to statesboro. glad to be at my apartment. tired as fuck.

that is all. later gators <3
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