.br0ken.inside. (whisper_0f_lies) wrote,


i walk ever so slowly down the uneven stone path towards you. you, my love. your emerald eyes follow my every motion yet still stay locked on my own dazzling gems. i refuse to look away from your perfect and imperfect face but this garden also takes my breath away. spring's early flowers flood over the iron walls and pour down the pathways. this is our secret place. no one knows of this place, this excitement always adds more electricity to our atmosphere. the flowers and ferns have completely taken over this forgotten piece of paradise. you and i could hide here forever. nothing has touched this place in a hundred years.. we could disappear together for a hundred more. after an eternity, i hurriedly stumble over the last few gleaming stones and into your waiting arms. a flood of emotions fill me until i can take no more. i collapse into you, breathing all of you in.. your scent, your presence overpowers every other thought. in this second, i am whole again. the trivial troubles of life don't exist in this world. no pain, no anguish, no worries. only you and i exist here. if only it could stay this way. but i know too soon we must part once again. every minute without you, my heart aches as if someone has completely stolen it right out of my chest. so please my love.. won't you stay with me in paradise? my heart, my soul can no longer bear the pain of being without you. so please my love.. won't you stay with me in paradise? this forgotten piece of paradise with you is the only way i can live.
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